Happy New Year!

This is our first new year together, treasured reader. Thank you for your visit, we hope you found what you were looking for. If not, why not email us what you need and we'll see what we can do.

Anyway, thanks go to the almost 20,000 hits we've had in the last few months; we've been much more successful than we expected.

But chances are you've missed some of our wonderful posts, so here's a list of some of the greats that may have slipped beneath your otherwise highly efficient radar.

  • About the cold winter we're in:
Why are Japanese houses SO COLD?
How to insulate your Japanese house for the winter

  • Daily life
How much will I get paid teaching English?
The cost of living/utilities in Japan
Finding an ESL job in Japan
Our "Job Spotlight" employment series

  • School stuff
5 random school lunches from Japan
The 5 most annoying pages in the New Crown textbooks
"Wot dis? Dis pen!" Appaling Japanese English set to change?
 Elementary school - The Hello Song vs "Anything OK"

  • Popular posts:
How to find and make a Japanese penpal
Our "Budget Accommodation" series
Using an Amazon Kindle to study Japanese
Soaplands - the Japanese brothel
Robots in my toilet
Driving schools in Japan

  • Fun things:
The Japanese obsession with ear cleaning - mimikaki and mimisouji
The top 10 dirty Japanese phrases

And don't forget to check out our guides page for all the important information about living and working in Japan we've posted this year.

December also saw the unveiling of our new "Photo Tuesday" series, where we post interesting or nice pictures relevant to recent posts. If you have any images you think we should up, let us know through our Facebook page.

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