It's been a long time since we did a roundup of our recent blogs, and as our readership has taken something of a jump since new year, here's a rundown of some of what you may have missed.

Our big hitters this year were: our expose of Compensated Dating, examination of Japan's Face Mask Culture, Cherry Blossom viewing calendar and 10 Types of Cherry Blossom trees; we showed you how to most easily transfer money home, check train times and buy a bargain train pass, as well as a long-distance bus pass. We also filled you in on how to recycle in Japan.

Our Being an ALT series was a big hit: an 8-part look at what life will be like for you starting work as an English teacher in Japan. We followed that with several articles of tips on passing your driving test in Japan. Then we broke new ground with buying a foreclosed house in Japan.

We later showed you how to send flowers and gifts in Japan, exposed Matsumoto castle's Ice Festival and produced some very detailed maps on things to see and do in both Nagano prefecture, and Shiga prefecture. Nagano's awesome Dinosaur Park even got an article of it's own.

We taught you how to calculate the highway tolls in Japan, and then gave some exciting news about the drop in highway toll charges.

AccessJ published many articles on the earthquake. We told you how to help with the cleanup, how to offer your house for survivors to stay in, and provided a way you can give money without actually paying anything. We also offered important information on radiation levels, rolling blackouts and explained the Shindo method of measuring earthquakes.

Our Job Spotlight series has covered several openings, including High School ALT jobs still available in Nagano prefecture. We also offered guides on how to best use job-finding websites such as Gaijinpot jobs and TOP-US.

Our weekly Worksheet Sunday series has relentlessly provided great teaching ideas, including some fun Gambling games, ideas for introducing your new students to JHS, and one of my favourite original games: Snake-eyes.

I also got very, very angry about the JHS textbook characters.

And that's not all. In fact, that barely scrapes the surface. We publish an average of five days a week, so check the links at the top of this page to browse our posts by category.

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