May has been and gone now, and taken with it all the pretty colours of spring, leaving us only with the creeping humidity and threatening reveal of dozens of praying mantis eggs.

Anyway, this month saw us pass 100,000 hits since late last year, and the growing AccessJ team provided you lovely readers with some great posts as a thank you.

This month you may have missed:

A post on how to get those pesky ID cards for buying cigarettes, a look at Japanese Hangover Preventatives, the start of our look at the bizarre questions Japanese people ask each other on the internet, and an entry covering the Japanese Fruit Picking Seasons for your picking pleasure.

We also published:

Maps showing the most dangerous places in Japan during earthquakes, and where earthquakes are most likely to occur.

Health and Fitness
How to buy and train with Kettlebells in Japan, and how to register for Distance Running Events.
not forgetting our popular post on the Cost of Giving Birth in Japan, and our big-hitter How to Take a Crap in Japan.

A detailed look at Vehicle Registration and Licence Plates, and an explanation of how licence plate security works.

Last bus not least, yesterday we talked you through Applying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

There were plenty other posts that didn't make the lowdown here, so be sure to check out our archive links at the top of the page for more.

And coming up next month will be the return of our popular Being an ALT series, as well as tips on how to not sweat like an animal during the forthcoming hot summer. We'll cover all about ETC cards, give you some Japanese learning tips and bring you fresh content from a brand new writer who will cover Japanese cell-phones in minute detail. Stay tuned.

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