In today's Q&A, we learn, yet again, that the Internet makes people lazy. And those lazy people are a driving source of fuel for other people to get spiteful and go out of their way to write long, angry rants. Apparently this fact of Internet-life applies no matter what language you use.

Let's get right down to our venting!


I got a e-mail.

It said, "I'll let you know in a 一両日."

What does "一両日" mean?

For questions like these, you should get into the habit of searching for the answer yourself.

If you're able to use this site, then you should be able to use a dictionary site, too.

If you look for a word or a phrase in a dictionary, it'll certainly be there.

It'd be good for you to have at least enough of an appetite for learning to open a dictionary by yourself.

Anyway, some people don't know about the existence of dictionaries, so I'll leave the address for you below.

If you click the link, the answer to your question will appear, OK?


I see. I should use a dictionary function next time, huh? When I did a normal Google, it was hard to find the answer. Thanks for the good idea!

By the way, for those hoping and not clicking, 一両日 (いちりょうじつ) means "a day or two." :)

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