This guy saw some programs on TV about underage girls who run away from home, a social issue that gets significant media attention in Japan, and now he's got some questions about them. It's for research purposes. Purely out of curiosity. Promise.

On TV recently there is a lot of coverage about girls who run away from home. Are there any people like that in Tokyo?
Like, they lived in the countryside, but being at home was unbearable so they come to Tokyo. Then not having anywhere to go they stay with men, moving from place to place in exchange for their bodies.

Yeah there's a ton of them.
If you hang out downtown in like
 Shibuya or Shinjuku you'll see.

By the way, 
there are like 
100,000 missing persons reports filed every year,
and most of them are from underaged kids 
running away from home.

They probably run away after finding someone to stay with online, right?
But, when things don't work out with that person they're left hanging.
Or, like, they were living with their boyfriend but broke up or something.

The reason they can't stand being at home is something like the parents got divorced and the kid is left to fend for herself, or there's stress from living with a new stepparent, or there's too many kids in the family and so they're desperate for attention, etc.

I don't think they're selling their bodies for a place to stay. It's more like the two of them are just using each other.

And, it's not just limited to Tokyo. The big city just makes for a good story so the TV programs give all their examples from there. I think the girls move around to places they're familiar with.

If you leave your house you're a runaway.

For example, even if you're just sitting on a swing at the neighborhood park, not even one mile from your house, and you're telling yourself that you've run away from home then you're a runaway.
There's a million of kids like that, both girls and boys.

But of all the "girls" posting online that they're looking for a man to "save" them, probably 90% are fakes.

Pretty much all of the dating sites with cons and decoys on them have been wiped out now, so SNS sites and bulletin boards are the new place where that type gathers.
Because SNS and BBS are still shady sites of course they can't be openly advertised, but if a TV program comes along that says "there's people like this out there!", then of course a bunch of viewers are going to wonder about it and try to find out about it online.
And when they do that, that's when the lines and lines of results for "girls waiting for you!" show up.

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