If you have any experience with Japanese culture, you may well have come across kancho, which is just one example of the level of personal invasion which is widely practiced by school children (and many adults).

This week we'll talk about the top 3 ways you are likely to be sexually harassed by students in class.

I have no idea why this is socially acceptable, but the amount of same-sex molestation in Japan is astronomical. Last week (in a regular bar) I watched a man get ridden by his friend while another acquaintance groped in between his butt-cheeks. In fact, he was ridden so hard and for so long that the poor guy had some kind of reaction start in his pants which made the whole table of men (and one woman) laugh for hours. I've also had the unpleasant experience of having my arse-crack "wiped" while singing karaoke, as well as being prodded in the wang innumerable times. These are just a couple of examples. However, no Japanese person would dream of calling this kind of behaviour in any way "gay".

School is a breeding ground for this at all age levels, so watch out! Here are the big three:

3. Booby Touch
Pretty self explanatory. Let's be clear about this: Japanese boobs are usually pretty small. A glance at the bras in most shops will show that not only are they very small cup-sizes, but it's virtually impossible to find any without padding inside to make the most of that little bit of meat. 
Expect everyone to be amazed by your breasts if they're bigger than an A (partly due to the same stereotype as Western men having big penises). Boys will stare, girls will touch. And as with number 2, teachers will do it too.

2. Groin Grab
I get this all the time (I'm a man), and my female friends have also had it several times (though it seems limited to same-sex attempts). The clue is in the name. Intensity ranges from poking to groping. I have also had this at enkais, where other teachers (and sometimes parents) will try to test the "gaijin have massive dongs" theory.

1. Kancho
For those who don't know, kancho is the forced penetration of someone's anus by another's index and middle fingers. Thankfully, it's usually only performed clothed, but the plus points end there.

It's a fast and hard movement carried out when (almost always a boy) leaves themselves open to it by bending over, or simply standing still (a bit like slapping a woman's backside, right fellas?). It can be incredibly painful if landed correctly (my friend confesses to having made a boy bleed in his youth).

As a teacher, you are just as likely to get kancho'd as most of the students, so you'd better make your distaste for it clear from the start.

Female teachers are less likely to be kancho'd than male, but that doesn't mean you're 100% safe, or that you won't play victim to some of the other touchy-feely games.

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