This plastic, gormless, empty-
headed Gumper symbolises
the kind of site AccessJ is not.
Well, it's been just over a year since AccessJ's first posts went live.

Back then, it was just Steve and I, pooling some knowledge gained through complicated daily-life experiences and sharing them with the internet.

One year on, and we have two or three new writers, have stuck rigidly to our 4(or more)-posts-a-week goal, have brought in almost 300,000 hits and made absolutely no money.

But we're not going to bug you with PayPal donation links. AccessJ is all about giving :D One day we'll be big and successful. Until then, just keep reading our entries and leaving comments.


PS: We've had a few inquiries about guest posting in the last few months. Although none of them have been successful, if you have something you think would fit the AccessJ style and provide a good read for our viewers, contact us.

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