Forgot all about this this month. Sorry for the delay.

What did you miss in the last four (well, five) weeks?

Well, first of all you missed the August blog roundup - wouldn't want to fall behind there. Missing an AJ blog is like missing a train, except for the vital difference that with a train, an almost identical copy turns up shortly after. And, trains kill people; never forget that. AccessJ never killed anyone (in fact, as you will find out next month, we actively help out those with suicidal tendencies.) In short, next time you miss a train, thank your lucky stars it wasn't one of our entries.

Anyway, not content just with the roundup, we then went on to post some other stuff:

Dan finished his Credit Cards series and then started anew with his Health Insurance Mega-Guide (which finishes next week).

Laura filled you in on how to get tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo. She also told us all about clothing sizes in Japan, and how to find things that will look normal on your massive foreign body. She then showcased some beautiful works of art actually growing in rice fields across Japan.

LP dropped by to deposit a few excellent articles on Renting a Car in Japan, the crazy varieties of potatoes over here, and an example of an Elementary School Plan for new JETs and such who are drowning in the flood of unfamiliar responsibility.

In September I went nuts and wrote 20 or 30 blogs, most of which you won't see for the next 月 or two, but some which were:

And let's not forget it was our bloody birthday in September! AccessJ is more than one year old now. Thanks for the cards and chocolates you bastards!

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