We've got a new feature here on AccessJ. (OK, it's not really new.) It's called the monthly blog roundup, and it allows us to travel through time and space, introducing you to the entries of the last month you may have missed.

It's handy for going back to...
Dan's health insurance guides on optional insurance, evaluating whether you need insurance, Japanese vocabulary for medical specialties, and a step-by-step of how to set up your doctor visit in Japan.

Or maybe you prefer...
Laura's awesome compilation of online vendors who will send to Japan your favorite goodies from home.

Or say you want to go to...
Dom's guides on ebooks:
Reading manga and Japanese on the new Kindle
Converting your own books into ebooks on the cheap
His continuation of the Being an ALT series:
School lunch in Japan
Proper attire at work
Tips for living a more healthy life abroad:
Suicide hotlines
Japanese prescription drugs
And info on:
Buying scuba diving equipment
Regional dialects across Japan

Or imagine being magically whisked away to...
My posts.
I zeroed in with a grand total of no posts for the entire month. :(

But no worries! Look forward to a jolly plethora of my stuff over the winter, including Japan event and travel guides and more information for job and apartment seekers. There will be healthy things from all posters whose names begin with D, and newspapers and things you could also cut out of newspaper from the D-man himself.

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