November was super-exciting at AccessJ!

We learned all about how the internet works! As a result, some template changes have occurred. Not only that, but a much bigger change is about to take place (see next month's Roundup if it doesn't jump out at you).

Even more exciting is that I bought two new plants for my fishtank! And there were two little shrimp in the bag! Lucky! Then they both got eaten by the fish immediately, and one fish died... then another one... possibly as a result of introducing some new ones.... so they may all die soon.... TENSE!

Anyway, so we posted 18 times last month, the most interesting of which were:

The release of AccessJ's Anki JLPT decks. If you're taking the JLPT in... 2 days, isn't it? Then you should probably go study now. Use our decks!

Going to the dentist, Pharmacies and over-the-counter drugs in Japan - Dan's health series continues
Brewing your own beer - Dom's health declines
English-Language Newspapers - for those who still want print news in this modern day and age
Whey Protein - need a boost?
Import Duties - Fun for all the family (who are importing goods into Japan(not fun))
Virtual Travel in Japan - the welcome return of author LP features a lovely eTrip around Japan
Cheap Car Navigation units - at last!
and How to find local events in your area

We also had two semi-guest posts last month. One by request: Dekotora Trucks Video about lorries covered in lights and mirrors, and one re-post of some excellent job-hunting vocab from Twitter friend Maggie Sensei. Anyone else wishing to have something featured here should contact us.

And of course don't forget our weekly Worksheet Sunday series, which continued to provide solid teaching ideas for elementary and junior high.

Another month done. Time for me to get back to studying for the JLPT which I will be lucky to scrape a pass in.

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