Merry Bloody New Year! This is going to be a great one for AccessJ, I can feel it in my loins.

I had a New Year blog roundup post half written at the end of December, but found myself 57 metres under the sea when it was supposed to go live.

So, for all you who feel genuinely offended and have been foaming about it (or not foaming without it), here is the best of the past two months:

I taught the world about moths of Japanhow to donate bone marrowIKEA Japan, UC Gift Cards and several other things . I also updated the site template in some subtle ways, including adding a static homepage which you can see at More changes in the pipeline to make viewing the site easier and more accessible.

Dan started (and almost finished) AccessJ's latest super-feature: banking in Japan. If battling with the fee-charging, night-closing ATMs in Japan is getting you down, or you want to open a current or savings account etc. check out the series. Periodic breaks were taken to post about wholesale buying and renewing your driving license.

In other news, site co-founder LP has slipped back into a weekly Monday slot. He offered us such gems as What To Keep In Your Desk and several posts on LeoPalace apartments - furnishings, internet and the deal in general. He also gave a critical insight into the changing world of Japanese job interviews which is certainly worth a look. And don't forget to check out Japan's crazy, tiny, cars.

Laura also made a brief stop to post an extensive list of foreign clothing websites which ship to Japan (including a postage price guide).

And of course we continued posting our weekly teaching plans

That's the cream of the crop, but there were many more posts, so check out our archives to see more.

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