Holy smokes another month went by.

Well, I'm sure you're all gagging to know what you might have missed on AccessJ this month.

Well, this:

ヤフー cooking up a storm with two posts about angry foreigner-hating Japanese people: first on the need (or lack thereof) of ALTs in school, the next simply on how crap ALTs in Japan are.

Me writing like a badass about Changes to the Alien Registration Card, making awesome recommendations and Anki Study Decks for JLPT N3 Textbooks.  I helped the needy with my article on Unemployment Benefit in Japan, and still had time (thanks to a leap-year) to educate the masses on the annual car checkup you're supposed to do/have done.

Laura posting about Hina Matsuri, which is all about dolls and little girls (I won't judge), and two great ideas in our Worksheet Sunday series.

Then LP wrote a 2-part article on the changing scene of Japanese job interviews, and reliable Dan tried his best to entertain us with several new Banking in Japan posts. And good God if that wasn't enough, he also posted about Comparison Shopping Online. Get it while it's HOT.

Next month is going to kick this month in the goolies. I've been busy writing an in-depth 5-part guide to the User-Shaken process, whereby you can save about 100,000 yen (literally) on your car MOT. There will also be plenty of other goodness written by other, lesser authors (have to let them do something, you know).

Anyway, enough nonsense, follow our RSS feed so you don't miss anything next month, butterfingers.

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