1. Applying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    2. Applying Online for the JLPT
  2. JLPT Past Tests
    1. JLPT Past Test Downloads
  3. Vocab and Textbooks
    1. Vocabulary Building
    2. JLPT Anki Decks
    3. N3 Nihongo-So Matome Anki Flashcard Decks
    4. Why Kanji is the Best Thing for Learning Vocabulary
    5. Textbook Recommendations
    6. Job-Hunting Vocab (Maggie Sensei)
  4. Kana, Kanji and Reading
    1. The Best Way to Learn Hiragana and Katakana
    2. The Best Way to Learn Kanji
    3. Why Kanji is the Best Thing for Learning Vocabulary
    4. TV as Kanji and Listening Practice
    5. Opinion Pieces and the Long Reading Section
    6. Newspapers and Speed-reading
    7. Japanese Cellphone Novels
  5. Grammar
    1. Grammar Flashcards
  6. Listening
    1. Radio/Japanese Online Radio Stations
  7. Pronunciation and Tips
    1. The Worst Thing You Can Do When Learning Japanese
    2. The Japanese "R" Sound
    3. Japanese Pronouns
    4. Pronouns Revisited
    5. Browsing the Web in Japanese (kanji translators etc)
  8. eReaders
    1. The Kindle 4 and Kindle Fire/Paperweight
    2. To Study Japanese
    3. Converting and Adding Manga to a Kindle
    4. Buying and Reading Japanese Books and Manga
    5. Turn Your Physical Books into eBooks for 100yen!
  9. Penpals
    1. Meeting a Japanese Pen Pal
    2. Keeping a Japanese Pen Pal
  10. General Interest
    1. Ban-gohan or Yoru-gohan?
    2. Top 10 Dirty Japanese Phrases
    3. Visa Extensions to be Tied to Japanese Ability?
    4. Japanese Girlfriends and Better Japanese
    5. Type cool icons with the Japanese IME
    6. More cool symbols