Sunday, March 11, 2012

WS: Lottery (Small classes/"Special")

Here's a fun game.

This works for relatively small classes (<10) but would probably work just as well for medium sized, too. It's very simple, and requires very little English, which is why I use it for very young students and the "special" class.

You will need: card, string and colouring pencils.

  1. Give each student 3 or 4 credit-card sized bits of card.
  2. Have them draw one thing they don't like (marked with an X) on one card
  3. The rest of the card are things they do like.
    1. Drawing these pictures may well take ages (10 minutes)
  4. Now get them to stick a bit of string to each card (optional)
  5. Gather all the cards in, show them one by one and have them repeat the name of the thing after you (or ask them to tell the class their own).
  6. Now basically play the typhoon game with the cards:
    1. Hold the cards so that students select one by pulling at a string
    2. If they pull out a "like" card, they get to roll a dice.
    3. Numbers on the dice equal points.
      1. Next to their names on the blackboard, they use the points to draw a house. 9 points is one house as per this drawing:
    4. If they pull out a "don't like" card, they must erase all their houses.
    5. The winner is the student with the most lines or houses drawn on the board at the end.
  7. Make it more difficult if they can handle it by getting them to say what the cards are in English, or "Shouko likes rabbits" relating to who's card it is.
That's it. Try it.

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