Monday, September 09, 2013

Organic Peanut Butter in Japan

I love peanut butter. And I'm sad that it is not as widely appreciated here in Japan. I mean, yeah, I'd probably think "PB&J sandwiches" or "peanut butter on celery" sounded gross if I had the same archetype for "peanut butter" that most Japanese people do: sickly sweet, peanut-themed sugar spread sold next to bread whiter than an anemic ghost. In the presence of abominations like that, it's no wonder there's no adult demand for nut butters in this country.

Anyway, in my experience, garden-variety Skippy can be found at International supermarkets (like YamayaMeidi-yaReimei, and Seijo Isshi) and on many online retailers, but organic peanut butter, the kind that you have to refrigerate and mix the oil back into before using, is a bit harder to locate.

I was able to find some at, an online retailer I reviewed a couple months back.

I placed my order on a Monday and had a glass jar of Arrowhead Farms in my hand by Friday afternoon. The pricing on the bottle was reasonable (about 718 yen, or $7.25, for 16 oz.), and the 400 yen shipping covered up to 30 pounds of product in the shipment. That's 400 yen for international shipping from the US. I cannot believe how cheap iHerb's shipments are.

If you decide you'd like to try them, too, and are feeling generous, consider using the referral code for AccessJ's account: CJG622

It'll save you a bit of money and help fill another peanut butter craving. ;)

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