Something makes me scared of earthquakes. It's not the danger (my apartment is "earthquake-proof" apparently). It's not the fact that I might spill a beer or bang my head either. It's that my robot collection will fall down the toilet.

As way of an explanation: I live in Japan with my girlfriend, Laura. She is lovely and everything, but she doesn't like robots to clutter up our already small flat. Hence they have been relegated to shelves in the toilet. I have yet to find any sticky device to keep them in place, so fingers crossed for me please! Don't let little Alphonse or Zaku II fall into the stinking toilet bowl!

We only just moved in here, but about sixth months ago our old apartment was shaken by a 6.0 which knocked loads of stuff down, including our full length mirror which kindly smashed all over our tatamis. I am quaking in my boots. HAHAHAHAH get it????????

Anyway, look at some photos (click for more info):

Kind of dorky hobby it may be, but building robots is a fun way to spend the winter.

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