Sunday, February 26, 2012

WS: Eigo Noto 2: Jobs (Elementary)

Lesson 9 of the elementary school textbook Eigo Noto 2 teaches the overly complicated "What do you want to be/I want to be..."

This is way too difficult for 6th graders, and most teachers I know only teach the job names and "I want to be...".

This is best taught over two lessons, as Eigo Noto 2 teaches 16 new words in this one page. Here is my lesson plan:

Greeting etc

Drill new words. 
I show them a picture of the job, get them to guess what it is, (there will often be a student who knows) and then have them repeat a few times.
Once all flashcards are on the blackboard I have them repeat after me, then faster, then I point and they say the job. With 16 words I needed to spend around 10 minutes on this alone.

On page 79 of Eigo Noto there is a set of cards with each of the jobs on them. Ideally ask the HRT to have students cut these out before the begging of class, as it can take an incredibly long time.
If you are not using the Eigo Noto I would recommend printing a set of karuta style cards for all students as they can be very useful.

I played two high speed rounds.
A way to get students using the vocabulary when playing karuta is to have the student who got the card hold it up, they have to show you the card, and say the vocabulary.
This also means any mistakes are discovered meaning you don't end up with a group with a wrong card at the end.

Eigo Noto has a blank bingo sheet on page 56.
Once again if you are not using Eigo Noto I would recommend a copy of a blank bingo sheet for each student. These can be used numerous times over the year and are worth it.

What is it?
Use a piece of paper, or even the reverse of a flashcard to cover a flashcard from today's set. Slowly (REALLY slowly, 1mm or so at a time) reveal the flashcard. Students guess which card it is. Mix it up a bit, have some cards upside down etc. Basically choose the most difficult part of the picture to reveal first.
Sounds pretty boring, but my kids LOVED it!

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