Sunday, February 12, 2012

WS: "Did you... yesterday?" v2 JHS 1st G

Here's another activity to use for "Did you..." if you've already made use of our other worksheet.

This is a new concept I wanted to try out. It's like an interview bingo, but they have to find people with pre-set responses.

Students must make pairs, janken, and the winner must ask the questions from the sheet
Did you eat takoyaki last night?
Each student has a slip of paper (hint sheet) with two set answers - one Yes and one No. They must respond likewise to those two questions. Any other question gets
A little, byebye
Students need to match up the responses written on the bingo sheet with students responding that way. So the takoyaki question with "No" on the worksheet can only be completed by finding a student with "No" on their hint sheet.

It takes a little while to explain, but it's a nice game to spice things up a bit. I did it twice this week and it went down pretty well.

After that, you can have them make up some questions for you if you need to fill more time.

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