Sunday, February 19, 2012

WS: "Cluedo"/"Clue". All Ages (Past Tense)

You're probably pretty familiar with this game ("Mr Green did it in the Ballroom with the Rope").

I've been thinking for what seems like (and actually has been) years about how to make this into a TEFL activity, and I think I've finally cracked it.
The target grammar for this version (although it can be modified to whatever you want, pretty much) is the past tense. By combining the person, place and food item, I want the students to say 
Mr Green ate a pancake in the toilet.
You can also add the time/day to this if you want to make it harder. Of course, the sentence can be more difficult, too:
I think Mr Green ate a pancake in the toilet at 4PM on Wednesday afternoon.
The opportunities are endless.

Print the game board (here you are) to B4 or A3, and laminate if possible.
  1. Make groups of three to five students (no more).
  2. Deal my cards (download them from here) equally, with at least one of each type per student.
    1. Make sure you remove one of each type of cards as the "murder cards", and place them in an envelope in the centre of the board (i.e. one person, one room and one item).
  3. Students choose a counter and roll a dice. They move along the rungs of the ladders (anti clockwise) according to the points on the dice.
  4. When they land in a room they can take a guess at the cards in the envelope.
    1. The student to the immediate left is the first to respond. If they have one of the cards mentioned by the guessing student, they must present it (secretly) to them.
      1. The guessing student them marks off the card from their Suspects List (download that from here) and it's the next student's go.
    2. If that student can't answer, they pass to the next, and so on.
  5. The winner is the student who guesses correctly first.
More Rules
  1. Landing on a highlighted square means the student must follow the arrow from there (be it back or forwards).
  2. The square with the "?" is a free guess.
  3. Two rooms have a dice showing "6" in them, and a tunnel leading from there to the room at the top. If you don't get it, that means rolling a six while inside that room takes them up to the other room where they can guess again.

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