Following the success of our JLPT Anki decks, here are some covering the entire N3 series of books in the Nihongo So-Matome series. (We've received numerous inquiries about these decks but are sorry to say our copies appear to be gone, and that we won't be able to reupload them to the Anki sharing server. Sorry!)

Each deck has a thorough explanation of how the cards are constructed (using tags etc to help you schedule/exclude cards) within the Anki program itself, so use our download guide to check them out today!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Anki, it is a free flashcard application which stores progress and shows reviews at timed intervals (based on some complex psychology) for optimal recollection. It works. I use it every day.

Check it out. It also has an online version, which is perfect for studying on the move. There's also has a nifty, if pricey, iOS version.

Since the current incarnation of Anki doesn't allow external linking to online decks, you'll need our little guide to download them.
  1. First, download and install Anki
  2. Now, open Anki and select "File > Download > Shared Deck"
  3. Use the keyword "accessj" or "JLPT N(your level)", "nihongo so-matome" etc. and you will find our decks. Click download.
    1. Now the decks will permanently be in your Anki window when you start it up. Your progress will be automatically saved.
  4. To change the layout, select "Edit > Card Layout" during review

Step 2
Step 3

Step 4

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