Bought a food or drink? Want to know the fat content or something?

Easy peasy table for you:

エネルギー (enerugii) - Calories
たんぱく質 (tanpakushitsu sometimes uses the kanji 蛋白質) - Protein
脂質 (shishitsu) - Fat
炭水化物 (kansuikabutsu) - Carbohydrate
繊維質 (senishitsu) or 食物繊維 (shokumotsuseni) - Fiber

糖 (tou) - Sugar
果糖 (katou)- Fructose
果糖ぶどう糖液糖 (katou budou touekitou) - High fructose corn syrup
鉄 (tetsu) - Iron

ナトリウム (natorium) - Sodium
カリウム (kariumu) - Potassium

ビタミン (bitamin) - Vitamin...

That's most of the important stuff. Any other minerals or additives are likely to be in katakana, so if you can read that you can work out what it is. Here's the periodic table in Japanese if you're looking for something in particular.

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