Friday, June 21, 2013

The JLPT: Online grammar resources

In my experience, biggest cost of studying for the JLPT is not the test fee or even arranging transportation to the test site. Test preparation materials are probably the single biggest expense of an potential Japanese master. Like any good language test, the "standardised testing industrial complex" makes sure that you pay out the nose for all sorts of fancy books and CDs.

However, not everyone has the resources to shell out 3000 yen per book. But that is where the internet comes in. Here are some good websites that provide grammar and vocab resources for (mostly) free.

Here are some websites that I have come across in my internet adventures...

  • One of my favorite sites for grammar although they have a pretty good selection just about everything JLPT related. There is a fairly comprehensive, user-edited grammar library sortable by grammar topic and/or JLPT level. The active user base contributes plenty of example sentences. The basic version is free but pro membership will give you access to quiz features and more.
  • Jgram- While it may look pretty bare-bones, JGram is a very good user-edited source of JLPT grammar points. Like, it provides grammar points divided by level as well as example sentences submitted by users and drawn from the JDict library. The quality of entries is a bit uneven, but for the most part users seem active in adding and correcting grammar points.
  • Put together by self professed "great guy" Jonathan Waller, this super handy page compiles a bunch of grammar points across all levels of the JLPT spectrum. One of the handiest features is the ability to download grammar point sets in handy-dandy word or PDF files.
  • Quizlet- If you are looking for grammar quizzes, the mini-quiz generating website Quizlet has some good user made selections.
  • JLPT Boot Camp- More of a blog, actually. The owner, Clayton MacKnight, is a pretty prolific writing about all things JLPT. Not all of it is relevant to grammar study, but occasionally some good grammar pointers are grammar resources pop up.
Do you know any good websites with grammar hints and resources? If so, let us know in the comments.


  1. It is beyond interesting your site.

    I am already addicted to it.

    Congratulations from Romania,

    A student who is currently preparing on her own for JLPT N2!

  2. Thanks for taking time to look at our site! We hope to keep the new content rolling out regularly.

    If you have any study hints or JLPT review methods that work well for you then make sure to let us know.