Saturday, February 01, 2014

TP#9: 英作文:京都大学2006前期

子供の頃にわたしが毎週欠かさず観たあるテレビ番組があった。 その主役はどこにでもいそうな犬で、そいつがある町にふらりとやってきては、そこで起こった事件の解決に協力し、人間からほめられる前に姿を消して、また次の町に向かって旅をつづけるのだ。わたしをとりこにしたのは、一つの場所に安住せずに、たえず動きつづける、その姿だったに違いない。

When I was a child, there was a certain television show that I watched every week without fail. The hero was a run-of-the-mill dog who would wander in to some town, help solve some problem troubling the people there, then vanish without a trace before the townsfolk could find him and thank him. He'd then start toward the next town, continuing his (endless) journey. I was captivated by the fact that the dog was always on the move; he refused to settle in one place.

Translation Notes:
欠かさず without fail
主役 main character, hero, leading role, title role
どこにでもいそうな average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill
→ どこにでもいそうな犬 just an average dog, just your average-looking dog
ふらりとやってくる stroll into, wander into
事件 problem, incident, (mystery)
とりこにする captivate, hook, enthrall
安住 settle, live comfortably (in), reside, stay

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