'Tis the season for hiring, in the world of April-start contract jobs, anyway. We got a heads up today on an ALT position in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. Unfortunately, the deadline for the job is today. However, the package on this one is pretty nice: Maebashi might be worth looking into next year if you're in the market.

Application Deadline: Jan. 27, 2011

Info is on the Maebashi City Homepage.
The details are:

Job Title: 外国語指導助手 (Assistant Language Teacher)
Number of Positions: 16

Type: 12-month contract employee
Qualifications: Bachelor's degree. 1 year ALT experience. A native speaker of English, person from a country where English is spoken as a common language, or TEFL/TESOL certificate holder. Conversational Japanese ability. Located near Maebashi City and able to commute. Valid working visa.

Duties: Standard ALT job in junior high or high school, with potential visits to elementary schools or kindergartens. Assist in summer school courses for junior high students.
Working Hours: 8:30 - 16:15, Monday to Friday. (8:45 - 16:30 in case of elementary school).
Remuneration: Monthly, 300,000 yen. Some travel expenses reimbursed if commuting by automobile or public transportation.

Application Deadline: Jan. 27, 2011
Application requires direct submission of:

  •  a resume
  • copy of diploma
  • copy of passport
  • copy of Alien Registration Card
  • health report issued by a hospital (健康診断書)
  • copy of TEFL/TESOL certification (if not a native speaker/from a country using English)
  • a self-addressed, stamped envelope (80 yen stamp)

to the Maebashi City BoE. Applicants are briefly interviewed on submission of application.


Sorry to not get the word on this job sooner; it made for an unusual Thursday post from us.
It would be difficult to apply in time today, but again, this looks like a good one to keep in mind for future opportunities. The salary is on par with JET, and this listing may indicate a recent move by Maebashi City away from the JET Program in favor of annual direct hires.

Anyway, stay tuned for more Job Spotlight goodies throughout the upcoming week!

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