Sunday, January 02, 2011

WS: Pyramids - 1st and 2nd grade JHS (12-14yo+)

This is a great format which can be adapted to a lot of different scenarios. It's essentially a listening test, where students have to pick the correct choice on a descending pyramid of words, letters or numbers.

Takes about 10 minutes.

Full description:

First grade/limited ability versions - I have one with words, and one with letters (click to download, but as always beware of Google Docs' preview - it will look fine when you download and open in Word), and you could also make one with difficult/similar numbers (e.g. 13 and 30):
  • Use the template and edit as you like
    • In this example, students have a copy of the pyramid each,
    • You read out one of the two options on each row, and the students must decide which,
    • When you complete the pyramid, ask the students what letter they think the pyramid finishes on.
Simple, no? But very good listening exercise for young students.

You can also edit this to use harder words, and use that with second graders. Here's an example, but for best results tailor to your own classes.

Some of the words may seen too difficult, but that's fine. It's the sounds you are testing here.

And that's it! You can edit this for use with an elementary class, slow learners, "special" class, etc. Great stuff.

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