Sunday, February 20, 2011

WS: 1st Grade JHS - Did you...?

Junior High students start using the past tense towards the end of the first grade, and here's a fun activity to do using "did you... yesterday?"

This one's all about you, so you can change it any way you want to best suit you and your activities.

  1. Download the sheet (may not show properly in Google Docs, but will look fine on your computer),
  2. Give each student a copy,
  3. Practice words/check new words,
  4. Students colour the stars if they think you did do something, and leave blank if they think you didn't,
  5. Then get the class/teacher to ask you all the questions and play as bingo.
That's it. Simple, but fun.

Yet again we have education superstar Laura to thank for the idea behind this.

As always, this is free to use, but please don't redistribute.


  1. This is particularly good for helping the students believe you are real people who have real lives!
    I still think some of mine thing I commute to and from England everyday!

  2. I love the unusual effort you all put into this site. But this is 3rd grade Elementary stuff.

    My kids are writing their own diaries as soon as they can. Gathering words they need to talk about themselves and learning some very basic noun/verb (opposite in Japanese).
    10 minutes of telling how and what I want and 50 minutes 100% speaking with their dictionaries as their best friend.

    I know you guys gotta do with what you've been given but they outta puch harder. My kids are proof that they "get" this stuff WAY earlier than most schools are teaching it.

    Anyway...props for effort. Actually an outstanding site IMO

  3. Thank you, Chris. You have a point that they could be learning this much earlier. As far as I know, English is becoming compulsory in elementary schools now. Hopefully we'll see a decent improvement in ability in the future.

  4. My grade three students told me the average score in their class for a recent English test was less than 50% (their most recent maths paper was 30%!) Considering that genuine streaming is prohibited in Iida schools I think overall the level is appropriate. If the AETs created worksheets that less than 10% of each class could easily follow they would soon establish an 'us and them' divide. If only education boards would 'grow a set' and start holding students back a year.