Sunday, November 07, 2010

WS: Relative pronouns: Noun-"that"-Adjective (Third Grade JHS - 14-15yo)

A needlessly over-complicated part of the second half of third-grade English is relative pronouns.

After having been asked to come up with something for page 52 of New Crown 3 ("I have a book that is good for childen") I eventually produced a version of Battleships which went down pretty well. Fills about 30 minutes with the explanation.

The Battleships template is batted about ALT circles pretty often. The version I used started life as this entry on JHSEnglipedia and was later beautified by my girlfriend. I made it look even better, changed the target grammar and here it is (as ever, bear in mind that the Google Docs previews distorts everything, but if you download and open the file in Word it will look fine).

Just in case you don't know the game (most Japanese don't):
  1. Battleships is played in pairs.
  2. Each student draws four ships on their grid as indicated on the sheet, wherever they like.
  3. The second grid is for drawing on hits on the opponent.
  4. Students must then ask each other a question using the words in the columns on the sheet (i.e. "Do you have 6 eggs that are interesting for me?").
  5. Student two finds the corresponding box and calls out "Yes I do", or "No, I don't" to indicate hit or miss.
  6. One question per turn.
  7. Winner is the student who destroys all the opponent's boats first.
Played it? Liked it? Improved it? Let us know in the comments.

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