Sunday, November 21, 2010

WS: "I Can, Can You?" First grade JHS (12-13yo)

My kids have just started learning the "Can" structures, so I thought I'd post the things I'll be using.

These work well for the first graders, but a more simple version for elementary schoolers can also be a lot of fun (see this recent post for that). Details below. As always these sheets are free to use, but please don't redistribute.

    Juniour High (1st grade - 12-13yo)

    I've got two different sheets for you.

    The first is a pretty simple sheet made with the elementary class above in mind. Click here to download, but as always beware of Google Docs' preview - it will look fine when you download and open in Word.
    • It initially involves saying what certain animals can or can't do - writing sentences with the maru/batsu prompts.
    • Then students answer the written (or spoken if you like) three-hint quiz on page two.
    • Then students play an interview game with a three hint quiz of their own. 
      • i.e. students choose an animal, make three hints about what it can and can't do, then janken with other students to see who tells their hints. 
      • They write the answers to their friends' hints on their slip (cut up page three)
    Lasts about 25-30 mins.

    Sheet two (click here to download) is a great one designed by the ever talented Laura. It's self explanatory, but if you can't work it out:
    • First, students ask each other questions from the sheet (practice them as a class first if they aren't comfortable with the vocab)
    • Then, they decide if YOU can or can't do the things in the grid. Colour in the star if they think you can, leave it blank if you can't. 
    • Then get the JET to ask you the questions and you give your answers. Play this as bingo.
    • Finally, they write some "Teacher can ____, but can't ____" sentences
    Should last about 25-30 minutes.

    As usual, if you have any ideas or corrections please let us know in the box below.


      1. "...writing sentences with the maru/batsu prompts..."

        is it just me, or did I misread that as ....?

      2. Could you rephrase that? I'm not quite sure what you mean...