Sunday, September 18, 2011

WS: "Don't Pick the Flower!" JHS 1st G

About midway through the year (chapter 4 in New Crown), you'll be teaching first graders commands: "Don't use my camera" etc

Here's a fun activity I came up with today.

  • First, play Simon Says, incorporating the "Don't" point. Start with basic gestures and icnrease the difficulty in stages:
    • Run, walk, swim, jump, fly
    • Touch... simple body parts, desk, textbook, friend etc.
    • Pick the flower, tree etc.
    • Play tennis, soccer, TV games etc.
    • Be happy, hungry etc.

  • Then you can move on to part two. Use a soft object/ball and have the kids move their desks to the edge of class and stand in a circle. 
    • Throw the ball to one kid and shout "Catch the ball" or "Don't catch", until the kids get it. 
    • After that, start using the vocab from Simon Says...
    • Student gestures (or does the opposite gesture) and then throws the ball to someone else.
    • In some classes, this can be very slow. If so, elect a good kid (or you) to stand in the middle and be "it", telling other kids what to do and then getting the ball back each time.

  • Keep doing that until they're bored.
If you need to fill more time, Laura made a quick sheet covering some "Don't..." signs. Students work out what they mean as a class and then design their own. They can then show them to each other and get them to guess what they are, and write out a "Don't..." sentence.

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