Sunday, October 09, 2011

WS: "How Many?" Drawing Game 1st G JHS

This is a simple activity I found on Englishpedia. It's good, but like virtually everything on there needs updating for the 21st century. I've done that, and play it slightly differently.

One side of the paper is the drawing areas, the other the lines for text.

Instruct students to listen carefully to your key words. They have 30 seconds to draw your key word as many times as possible in the appropriate box.

I chose simple things like socks, bananas etc to start with, then threw it some hard ones like Kappa Sushi Hello Kitty Grape Juice, a bike, or a teacher etc. near the end.

After drawing, get them to flip over the sheets, make pairs, and ask each other "How many _______ do you have?" Armed with that information, they write two sentences. One for "I have...." and one for "You have...." (they don't know "has" at this point).

Here's the sheet.

Expect to fill around 15 minutes.

I've also converted this for the third grade grammar point of "Were drawn by". Check back next week for that.

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