Do you need a suit? Can you wear sandals in the summer? Is it Okay to not wear a bra?

All this and more answered within.

This information is for Junior High and Elementary. I don't yet know the details for High School. Please leave us a comment if you do.

First of all, yes you do need a suit. You will be expected to wear it for the big ceremonies and enkais. TIP: Don't wear a black tie, because it symbolises death.

I would recommend keeping a suit at school if you can, as you never know when someone will forget to tell you about a teachers' photo etc.

For general, everyday wear, a pair of smart trousers (skirts reserved for special occasions) will do. They don't need to be suit trousers at all. Many teachers wear tracksuits, which is perfectly acceptable. I wear black coloured sports trousers. No denim.

Your top half wants to be at least short-sleeved, covering any cleavage you may have (men or women) and not showing your lower back at all (in any position). Generally, print T-shirts are not acceptable (expect in elementary school), but polo-necks are. Sports "dry" T-shirts seem to be fine. And you should probably wear a bra.

In cold weather you may want to wear a jacket at school. You can do so if it's not huge. A sensible, thin jacket may be worn.

It seems that you can wear sandals, but flip-flops are a little too casual. And most people wear socks, too...

You will need indoor shoes for school, which can be pretty much any style you want. I'd steer away from luminous coloured trainers, but even that may not be a problem.

If in doubt, ask.

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