Sunday, October 23, 2011

WS: "The computer is on the desk" Game 1st G JHS

This is a fun game using prepositions. It exists in various forms for various grammar points from various sources online. Here is how we at AccessJ play it, which is by far the smoothest way we've found.

In groups, students need to work together to find and record the hints around the classroom.

Here's the sheet.

  • First, cut out all the clues and stick them around the classroom. Make it a bit of a challenge to find them.
  • Put students in their lunchtime groups. 4 students is ideal, but 3-6 is also fine, so if they have lunchtime groups just stick with those.
  • Give them the three pages on the handout which do not contain the clues (so the room, blank hint sheet and items).
  • One student is nominated to be the detective, one to be the scribe, one to cut out the item and one to stick it on the sheet. This changes each turn (rotate roles around the group).
  • Detective stands up and goes to find a clue. He/she must remember the number of the clue and it's contents, then go back to the group and tell them his discovery.
  • Everyone does their job, then the roles change. 
  • Repeat.
  • At the end, you can ask "where is ____", or blow up a sheet with the correct locations etc for them to compare.
Sorry for the dull explanation - it's a fun game, try it!

Fills about 30 minutes.

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