Saturday, October 01, 2011

The New Kindle and Japanese eBooks and Manga

Well, the new Kindle has come out! In fact, three have. The original version with the keyboard has been replaced by one without a keyboard (still eInk), the same device with a touchscreen, and a new, full colour Kindle rival to the iPad.

How will this affect your manga and Japanese reading??? Let's find out.

Well, the good news is that nothing has really changed on the keyboard-less version (or the touchscreen version of that) except the price, which now starts at 79USD, so head to our guides for

Studying Japanese on the Kindle
Reading manga on the Kindle
and Japanese eBooks on the Kindle

for that info.

More good news is that they all ship to Japan, except the Fire, which would require a friend in the US to be a middleman.

The Kindle Fire, however, is totally different. It's basically an iPad for much less money (199USD). You can read manga in full colour as regular images, so no need to convert with our guide (although you still can, which will save a lot of the somewhat limited disc space). You can also now watch movies and TV shows. No need for a guide for that, as the Kindle Fire comes with one.

Although I don't have a Kindle Fire, I am sorely tempted to pre-order one. It seems pretty flashy for the very low price tag. check it out on Amazon.

Readers in the UK aren't lucky enough to have an announced date the Kindle Fire yet, but you can still get hold of the new keyboard-less device: Check out the Kindle on I bought one last year, and it genuinely changed the way I read both books and manga. Can't praise it enough.

In fact, check back on Monday for our guide on how to change your physical books into eBooks for only 100yen!

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