Wednesday, November 16, 2011

English Language Newspapers

There are several Japanese papers available in English, although they are often supplemented with articles from other English-speaking countries' newspapers. Some are also aimed more at Japanese people practicing English than English readers. This blog will give an overview of the most popular print and eNewspapers available.

The Japan Times
JT offer both daily and weekly print papers.
4,480yen per month for the English daily (16-24 pages)
1,100yen per month for the English weekly (20 pages)

The Daily Yomiuri
Also includes tips and articles for non-Japanese people, about Japanese society.
2,965yen per month for the English daily.

Asahi Shimbun
AS has both print and digital versions (for iPad, eReaders etc) of its newspaper.
Asahi Weekly is a bi-lingual (considers itself an "English teaching newspaper") print edition featuring top international stories. It is 970yen per month.
250yen per month for the iPhone version.
500yen per month for the iPad version.
Sony Reader and Kindle editions are also available.

The Mainichi Daily
Aimed at teaching English, this newspaper is available on the Kindle and other eReader formats for around $6 a month. Check our the webpage for details.
The print edition of the Mainichi Weekly (another paper aimed at teaching English - and actually comes with a CD of gaijin reading the articles aloud) is 970yen per month.

  • All the papers listed here also have websites containing all the news for free, so if you prefer reading online, or just not paying, then click the paper's name above. 
  • Most papers collect the monthly payment from you personally (they come to your house), and offer bank transfers for subscriptions over 3 months in length.
  • There are many other Japanese news sites in English which do not have print editions. Try Japan Today for starters. There is a comprehensive list of English language Japanese news sites here.

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