Sunday, November 13, 2011

WS: "I want to be a..." 2nd G JHS

Just over half-way through second grade junior high, students learn about future job aspirations. Lucky for them, I made an awesome sheet about it!!!!!!!!!

Well, here's the teaching handout to download. It's in .docx format, so it you're using a (seriously) outdated Office package (I know many schools still are), here's a .doc version for download, too. The .doc one cannot be edited. Sorry, that's how Microsoft work.

It's pretty self-explanatory to Westerners but some Japanese have no idea how a flow chart works, so you'll find most of your time spent explaining and checking the meaning of the sheet:

  1. Explain the concept
    1. Make pairs
    2. Winner of janken interviews the other student first
    3. Winner asks "Do you want to..." and then the text from the first box
    4. A "Yes, I do" answer means follow the arrow to the right, and a "No" to the left, and so on
    5. The final letter reached through the interview has a corresponding job title on the back of the sheet
  2. Get students to volunteer to translate each sentence on the front of the sheet, and then check comprehension of all the job titles on the back (you may want to change "International Playboy" if your students are more innocent than my loads of bad-asses.
  3. Do the sheet. The doing only takes 10 mins max, but then you can ask students what their partner's want to be etc to fill more time.
Total time: 20-30 minutes depending on the level.

You can also have students draw by hand their own version if you want to fill the rest of the lesson.

That's it, see you next week.

PS: This is my original work. Please don't redistribute through some other site passing it off as your own. There was a Russian guy who actually published and sold a collection of people's worksheets from If anyone tries that kind of nonsense with me the D-Man gon get you..

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