Sunday, November 20, 2011

WS: "He is Mr Dom" 1st G JHS

When it comes to the "Who is this...?" question and he/she answers, I use this sheet.

It's pretty self-explanatory, and works in the same way as my "It's Ming's bike" sheet.

Students use the picture hints on sheet one to work out who they should be writing about, then write a "He is Mr Dom" type sentence in the box.

That's it.

Takes about 15 mins with explanation.

So, here's the handout for download. It's a .docx, so if your computer (like so many in Japan) is still living in the dark ages, you'll need this .doc version. However, you can't edit the pictures in the latter, so you'll have to paste something on top of the deliberately obnoxious picture of me (I don't usually dress like that). Sorry. Blame Microsoft.

This is my own work, so please don't redistribute elsewhere without permission or credit :D

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