Sunday, January 26, 2014

TP#5: 自由英作文:東京大学2011前期

(Nishikawa) Kiyoshi: Have you read today's newspaper? Apparently, in England, it's illegal to sell pets--even goldfish!--to children under the age of sixteen because they may not be able to take proper care of them. Offenders can be put in prison for one year.
Helen: Wow! (1) ________________________________
Kiyoshi: Yes, that's true. But (2) ________________________________
Helen: I guess you're right.

(1) (Wow!) That's unbelievable! Kids shouldn't be discouraged from having pets. It's a great opportunity to learn how precious life is. (19)
(2) (But) kids shouldn't be able to buy pets by themselves. That's a decision they should make together with their parents. (19)
(2) (But) even if kids can't, they can still ask their parents, right? I think that's a decision kids shouldn't make alone. (20)

(1) (Wow!) What a progressive law! It's definitely irresponsible for shop owners to be selling pets to unattended children. (17)
(2) (But) I'm more concerned about the legal precedent. This is an example of the government infringing upon consumer rights. (18)

Writing Notes:
・(1) 「信じられない!」→(2) 「でも、やっぱり子供に売っちゃダメでしょう?」という流れが一般的。別例として解答例②を参照。
・"Wow!"、"I guess..."などの発言に合わせて、解答に硬い言い方を避けたほうが良いでしょう。

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