Thursday, January 30, 2014

TP#7: 英作文:京都大学2007前期


When I think about what education is, always comes to mind the face of my favorite grade school teacher. He taught us to labor in earnest. That teaching has formed the philosophy of my life. Thinking back now, it is certainly because of my teacher's sincere character that (I respected him and) his lesson resonated with me so profoundly. Thus, in education not only the content of a lesson but the nature of the teacher must be taken into account.

Translation Notes:
恩師 former teacher, old teacher
取り組む tackle, engage in, work on
→ 物事に真剣に取り組む to labor in earnest, to toil in earnest, to tackle our responsibilities seriously
指針(ししん) guiding principle, guideline, philosophy
誠実な人柄(せいじつなひとがら) sincere character, straightforward personality
考慮(こうりょ) take into account/consideration
人間性 humanity, [perhaps] personality


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