Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TP#6: 英作文:京都大学2007前期


During a recent trip into the countryside--my first in quite some time--I was awestruck by the multitude of stars gracing the night sky. Science tells us this is because the air there is free of pollutants. But a certain old saying suggests that scenery reflects the eye of the beholder. Perhaps, in my momentary flight from a life busied by menial chores, my mind had achieved unusual tranquility, like that of an innocent child.

Translation Notes:
雑事(ざつじ) daily affairs, menial chores, mindless routine
→ 雑事に追われて忙しいだけの生活から(逃げてた私)I, who was escaping from a busy life of unending trivialities, ... / I had taken brief respite from my life in which I was constantly assaulted by things to take care of
しばしの for a brief while, for a moment
逃避行(とうひこう) elopement, flight, exodus, abandonment
敢行(かんこう) take a decisive action, undergo, press ahead (on a plan)
心が澄んでいた (my) mind had settled down

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