Monday, January 20, 2014

TP#4: 自由英作文:東京大学2011前期

ただし,understand と pain は,一度しか用いてはならない。
It is not possible to understand other people's pain.

Of course it's impossible to truly understand another's pain, because we cannot experience anything in the exact same way another person would. But that doesn't mean we cannot see when someone hurts and commiserate. Humans are empathetic creatures. We are able to detect others' feelings, and often we mirror them. Seeing others hurt, especially those we love, causes us anguish. (60)

Watching a person receive a beating or hearing the shriek of a distressed child causes an unpleasant emotional reaction in most psychologically healthy people. I argue that this reaction is evidence that we can understand others' sensations to at least some degree through visual and linguistic cues. To say it is impossible to comprehend another's pain is therefore an overstatement. (60)

Writing Notes:
I agree with this statementという意見を使う解答例がよく見られる。理由として、
→ It's impossible to have exactly the same experience as another person
→ There is no way to perfectly convey that information from one mind to another
→ Different people can react differently to the same event などが考えられる。
・"It is not possible"という絶対的な言い方に注目。相手のpainを十分理解できる例外をひとつ挙げれば、disagreeの立場を支えられるかもしれません。
→ understand: know, comprehend
→ pain: suffering, hurt, anguish
→ 例えば、"It therefore must be possible for us to comprehend another's suffering."

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