Friday, September 03, 2010

Top 10 Dirty Japanese Phrases

Dirty Japanese is fun for all the family. I bought it last year, and since then about a dozen of my friends, both gaijin and Japanese have fallen in love with it's collection of... Dirty Japanese Phrases!

For the uninitiated, it’s a phrasebook containing useful to casual to very casual to vulgar, words and phrases. It's about as close to an encyclopedia of Japanese swear words as possible.
I made a post of 10 Very Dirty Japanese Phrases, but decided to let you discover those on your own and elected to list 10 family-friendly ones instead. So, in no particular order:

  1. こんにちは、私はナンシーと言います、アル中です。
    Konnichiwa, watashi wa nanshii to iimasu, aru chuu desu.
    Hello, my name's Nancy and I'm an alcoholic.

  2. ここは韓国?だって犬の味がするんだもん。
    Koko wa kankoku? Datte inu no aji ga surunda mon.
    Is this Korea? ‘Cos this shit tastes like dog.

  3. やべー、お前、今日は自爆テロのようなオナラだな!
    Yabee! omae kyou wa jibaku tero no you na onara da na!
    Damn! You're like a suicide bomber with your gas today!

  4. ヤバいゲリしてる。
    Yabai geri shiteru.
    I’ve got nasty diarrhea.

  5. おしっこしたい。
    Oshikko shitai.
    I wanna go peepee.

  6. 外人だからサツに怪しまれてばっかりだ。
    Gaijn dakara satsu ni ayashimarete bakkari da. :(
    The cops keep picking on me because I’m a foreigner. :(

  7. サツが来るぞ。知らんぷりしろ。
    Satsu ga kuru zo. Shiranpuri shiro.
    The pigs are coming. Act like you don’t know shit.

  8. 手に小便をかけちゃった。
    Te ni shounben o kakachatta.
    I pissed all over my hands.

  9. 昨日なんか、べろんべろんになって電車の中でナンパしまくり。
    Kinou nanka beron beron ni natte densha no naka de nanpa shimakuri.
    Yesterday I got so wasted I was hitting on girls on the train.

  10. 彼女はひどい歯ぎしりするから別れることにしたんだ。
    Kanojo wa hidoi hagishi suru kara wakareru ni shitanda.
    I dumped her 'cos she grinds her teeth like crazy.

I could easily list another 100 phrases, but I can smell my dinner cooking (and they might turn your stomach). Here's one more bonus word for you, though: 三こすり半 (mikosurihan) - literally three and a half strokes (premature ejaculation).

Anyway, that’s a sample of one of the best books you can buy to build up fun vocab! There are also more serious lists of words that will allow you to piece together some kind of conversation about food, fashion, travel, etc. And for those of us who already know the basics, there are some very useful examples of casual ways of saying common things.

You'll have to buy the book for the full rundown of Japanese rude words! And if you’re tempted to buy it, why not do it through this site and help us replace the panes in our flimsy Japanese paper doors?!

Dirty Japanese: Everyday Slang from "What's Up?" to "F*%# Off!"
by Matt Fargo. Buy: / .com /

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