Sunday, September 26, 2010

WS: Gesture -ing (First Grade JHS 12-13yo)

This is an activity to practice using the (verb)ing form.

Those of you using New Crown will find this in Chapter 7.

This game will fill about 30 minutes, and is best for groups of four students (more is okay). The second part will last a further 10 minutes or so.

Part one is the meat of the lesson, part two is optional.

Part one - gesturing

  • Print and cut out these gesture cards (save a copy from the preview for correct formatting). You need enough to give each student three,
    • The cards contain a short statement using verb+ing, e.g. "Playing soccer",
  • In groups (4 to 6 students), one student stands and gestures their action,
  • Other students in the group must put their hands up. The first person to do so is chosen by the gesturing students,
  • They must ask "Are you playing soccer?" etc,
  • If they guess right, they get to keep the action card (presented with a "Here you are"),
  • Continue round the group in a clockwise direction,
  • The winner is the student with the most action cards when time is up.
Part two
  • Karuta
    • Groups keep their action cards, and place them face up on the desks (all desks should face into one another to make a square/rectangle),
    • You shout out the words from your list (the 21 action cards), and students have to be the first to grab them off the desks,
    • Winner has the most cards at the end,
    • You can do this a few times if you like.

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