Sunday, February 06, 2011

WS: 3rd Grade JHS Tongue Twisters and Some Useful Things

Quite a light-weight entry this week, but useful none the less.

Here's a sheet I made for third graders (15-16 years old) this week. The learn "The House That Jack Built" and "Peter Piper" towards the end of the year in New Crown, and this was a suppliment to that, but could also be used just for fun.

After that, I've got some lined sheets for you (HOORAY!!!).

Here are the tongue twisters:
  • Tongue Twisters worksheet
    As always, download to your computer to view properly, as Google Docs invariably messes with the formatting.
Obviously they will have a hard time understanding this kind of language, so keep explanation to a minimum - it's all about the challenge of reading fast anyway.

You can do what you like with this sheet, but my lesson followed this formula:
  • Hand out sheets, give them a minute or so to have a look,
  • Read out the sentences,
  • Read and repeat, once slowly, then faster,
  • Make pairs and practice for a couple of minutes,
  • Challenge!!! - students battle it out to say the tongue twister faster than their partner.

And here are the lined sheets. These are very easy to make, but when you need them to print on the back of something/practice handwriting they're invaluable to have to hand. You may want to change some of the text on mine:
There is also a good site you can use for making practice sheets. Handwriting for Kids will allow you to create sheets like the last one in my list, using ghost words for students to trace. Try it. The site will format your page for you, and it looks kind of boring. But you can copy and paste the graphics they create into a Word document. Ethically sound? Who cares, they should have made them look better.

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