Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Job Spotlight: ALT Spot in Houfu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Last year around this time, Houfu City in Yamaguchi Prefecture advertised two direct-hire ALT positions with a competitive remuneration package.

If you're looking for specific figures about ALT working conditions, or if you're looking for a direct-hire gig around Yamaguchi to apply for, here's the lowdown and the link to watch over the next couple weeks:

These are the details from last year's posting.

Job Title: 外国語(英語)指導助手 (Assistant Language Teacher--English)
Type: 12-month contract employee
Qualifications: Native of an English-speaking country, etc. [sic], and meets one of the following requirements: 1) English teaching certificate, 2) Early childhood teaching certificate, 3) Experience teaching English
Working Hours: At longest, 9:00 - 15:35, Monday through Friday; open for discussion
Remuneration: Hourly, 4,000 yen
Insurance: No

The site you'll want to check on is the Houfu City Homepage. The site's news feed is in the top center of this page, and all past ALT hiring notifications (usually titled 外国語(英語)指導助手の募集について) have appeared in this feed. The link to old posts (以前の新着情報(履歴)一覧) is at the bottom-right of the feed box.


  1. I live near there. The city signs say HOFU.

    For Christ's sake.

    All the Japanese residents of Hofu seem to call it Hofu. Why do you suppose that is?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I'm not local to Hofu, and didn't pay close attention to the convention they've chosen for their city. The listing was in Japanese and I romanized the name without reference: 防府 = ほうふ = Houfu.

    Sorry for the mix up.

  3. Ah, just checked your link. Not too worried anymore. Happy late Valentine's.