Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quake: Power Outage Area Map

Group3 - Yellow - 6:20~10:00
Group4 - Red - 9:20~13:00
Group5 - Blue - 12:20~16:00
Group1 - Green - 15:20~19:00
Group2 - Orange - 18:20~22:00

A Yahoo maps version (Japanese) has also been made.

View power outage area map in a larger map. Courtesy of Sawa Shima via Facebook.


  1. Thanks Dom.
    Really useful posts for those in affected areas.
    We are just outside of the zone, not sure how I feel about it, at least it would feel like we were doing something by donating our electricity if we were in a blackout zone.
    Any idea if they are thinking of extending the area?
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Cheers Laura. Actually, those in Nagano (at least) are doing a little by not being able to buy more than 15litres of gas at a time, so that more can be sent North. Better than nothing, but I'd still recommend donating through the links in yesterday's articles.