Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Author Spotlight: Natsuo Kirino

This is the first in a series which will go on to create our "Recommended Books" page. We'll start with one of my favourite modern authors:

Natsuo Kirino is a wonderfully bitter writer who produces daunting character studies of disturbed, claustrophobic personalities (as would be expected of someone living in Tokyo, I guess).

Certainly a twisted mind, she writes about murder, prostitution, envy and jealousy. Her characters are dark and warped, but identifiably human.

The style is a morbid expose of the criminal mind, full of mystery and suspense. Very mature, and often gruesome.

Tragically few of her 16+ novels have been translated into English, but you should definitely snap up those that have.

If you decide to buy some of her books, please do so through these links to help support our site:

Author website.

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