Sunday, March 13, 2011

WS: Year End Quiz for 1st and 2nd Grade JHS

These are based off the New Crown textbooks, but you can easily transfer the idea to your own book.

They are pretty self-explanatory, so take a look.

1st grade sheet.
2nd grade sheet.

If you aren't using New Crown, the answers to the page number quizes at the top are not in the correct order to make the secret sentence - students must rearrange them.

The crosswords can be made over at - use the print screen button to take a screenshot of it and save it in MS Paint rather than trying to copy it from the site. But do check the results, as I've had a mistake from there before.

Let's all thank my astonishingly creative future wife for this idea (and many other Worksheet Sunday entries). Great job, Laura.

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