Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quake: Shimoina Donation Drive

A friend of mine sent me this today. I know a lot of people in Shimoina, so here's a donation guide for those people.

If you know of any other drives in your area/town, let me know so I can post it here

1fl Shimoina Regional Office (下伊那地方事務所)
2-678 Outemachi, Iida (〒395-0034 飯田市追手町2-678) - downtown Iida

Phone: 026-235-7410

From 8:30am till 7pm (donations are accepted on weekends and holidays too, but I suggest you to call them.)
The campaign started on March 16th and will last a whole month.

The map: click here

1. Water (PET bottles 500ml, 1l, 2l)
2. Instant food (Cup Noodles, Microwave Rice (arufa kome), other instant food products - didn't know how exactly to translate the middle kanji :blush:)
3. Powdered Milk (for babies)
4. Sanitary (menstrual) pads
5. Diapers (for babies)
6. Diapers for old or disabled people
7. (Urinary) Incontinence pads 
8. Masks
9. Toilet paper
10. Tissue boxes
11. Wet tissues
12. Hokkairo (pocket/body heating pads)
13. Batteries (1-4)
14. Blankets - new or dry cleaned (I'm sure they'd accept any clean blankets)
15. (Blue) Hootch i.e. Tarpaulin

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