Sunday, May 22, 2011

WS: Language Games JHS 1st Grade

Towards the end of the first grade textbook (New Crown), language games are introduced. You know, like when you have


and the answer is...

"I understand." Great, right? ...

I was asked to come up with some, but for first graders it's pretty tough. My favourite stroke of genius was

ら +

= ??????

Ramen, of course. But that was pretty much the only good one I could think of. Plus, not even the teachers guessed it.

Anyway, I decided to show the kids examples of how we play with language in everyday life. The best example of that is text/online messaging, where we shorten and otherwise mess with spellings to make things quicker (or cooler).

I produced this worksheet. You needn't use New Crown to find a use for it, I'm sure.

Just give it to the kids and tell them to work out what the answers are. Before they start, go through one together; showing how you sound out the letters/numbers to make the words. They may find it tough, but the reveal at the end is interesting to them if they hadn't worked it out anyway.

As always, this sheet is now your property, but please don't redistribute or otherwise misuse it.

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