Sunday, May 01, 2011

WS: New Teacher "Self-Intro Bingo" Grade 1 JHS

Another teacher-bingo style activity, this time to introduce yourself to first graders for the first time. I would precede it with a brief verbal intro as advised by your JTE (name, age, hobbies, ethnic background etc).

Self-intro activities for second and third graders could be the Can you bingoDid you bingo or the Will you bingo activities I posted recently.

It's pretty self-explanatory, but here's how to make it work in class:

  1. Students practice the vocab, including what should be the only new word for them: "or"
  2. If you want, they can then ask each other "do you like X or X?" before thinking about you, and what you like,
  3. They guess which thing you like and circle it for all the boxes,
  4. You can then nominate students (or ask for volunteers) to ask you the question for each box,
  5. If they have guessed correctly, they can circle the whole box, if not, then it's a big X for them,
  6. Play bingo like this, where four circles in any direction = one bingo,
  7. If you have some stickers or stamps, award them for the first X number of bingos.

There you go. Very simple idea, and now the kids know you a little better.

As always, please don't redistribute this anywhere else.

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